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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Musings!

How wrong we generally are in regarding:

a) A hard worker as one who always sits late in office.
b) A diligant worker as one who always has a heap of files on his desk.
c) A dumdar officer as one who abuses and roughrides over his subordinates.
d) A man occupying a high seat as a bada aadmi.
e) Wealth as a sign of prosperity and happiness.
f) A senior as a superior.
g) People occupying high chairs as deserving of respect.
h) One political party as better than another.
i) Leadership as only a political trait.
j) A grand plan better than a doable yet small plan.
k) Almost everyone else as corrupt and/or inefficient.

Gandhiji once said "How can an individual feel himself elevated by the humiliation of his fellow human beings". Is it not really unfortunate that most of us railwaymen take pride and a sadistic pleasure in humiliating our subordinates while at the same time leaving no stone unturned in behaving as great sycophants in front of their superiors.

I find it ridiculous when highly placed officials feign ignorance of rules whenever they demand undue favors from the system and display an excellent grasp of the rules whenever anything is to be denied to others.

Why do officers who want the top officials to behave in a particular fashion, do not follow their own thoughts when ultimately they occupy the high chair.

People who do not have the guts to place in writing under their signatures, their own very verbal instructions do not deserve to exist.

1 comment:

  1. Sir,
    My thoughts.
    The system is best exploited by the ones who know the system best. What you see with naked eye may not be always naked truth.
    Perceptions may be result of seen experience but may not be result of scientific analysis of facts.
    Public servants have to be honest to acheive n maintain best interest of larger public.
    Public may always be the ones who shout n use all pressure tactics to attain vested interests.
    The sorry fact is that the vested interest have made deep inroads into the system and bureaucrats a la public servants become prized catch of the vested interests for their vested interests.
    The final truth is what we finally want in this journey called life?
    In the 25-30 years of our active life, it is we that need to decide what we want to do or acheive?
    I dream n expect, the various species of people who surround us need to think atleast once what for we came n landed here?
    Hypocrisy, changing version of spoken orders like changing clothes, dishonesty n corruption, will help to achieve what?
    Happiness, satisfaction or contendness.
    They are best heeled to answer.

    Your anger is justified.
    Thanks n regards.

    Aam Janta is naive