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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Misplaced Focus!

Misplaced focus is a common ailment of sarkari officials, railways being no exception whatsoever. The higher the bloke in sarkari hierarchy, the more likely he is, to have focus on issues that are generally irrelevant and are of no consequence to the organization.

In other words, it is all about beating about the bush, yet keeping oneself thoroughly occupied in mundane matters and moving around with an air suggestive of involvement in important matters of state. Well we bureaucrats are generally adept at such posturings.

The fundamental issues affecting railways are lack of leadership, severe deficit in infrastructure upkeep and growth, out of date processes and tremendous yet growing complexities in day to day working.

Is it not strange that the largest single employer in the world is totally devoid of even a semblance of HR focus?

The organization has got skewed so badly that it would require monumental effort at the apex levels to set things right.

Getting engrossed in the mundane and daily chores is perhaps the easiest thing to do. Yet, is it not unfair that the guys who have the authority and also the mandate to steer the organization find it safe and also convenient to delve only in the mundane, leaving the complexities at the mercy of god?

Yes we are at the mercy of God and the only thing one can do is pray!



  1. Sir,
    It is also a truth in sarkari sector that the moment one becomes focussed, all fellow brothers start focussing on him. We may have made ourselves bureaucrats but after all we are indians with attitude n mental makeup. How can we equal the british, who had the vision & capacity to create India out the sub continents geography.
    We have made the structure of sarkari sector a perfect copy of our Hindu society based on the irrational classification and the reality of authority without responsibility.
    Yes, we can certainly find solace in God Whom we cannot see, touch or know where He is, if at all as we are don't know whom to turn to for answers to our misery.
    Thanks n reagrds.

  2. Thank God U R at that level where u can work, achieve and guide others in this Sarkari sector. There are many like me who can think, suggest, perform but have no authority to speak what i think, pen what i wish to suggest and act without consent of the superiors. This is worth mentioning here these are the same superiors who does not want anything beyond their own thoughts.