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Friday, September 23, 2011

Untapped Potential

Potential is a dirty word. Unfortunately many of us associate potential with a positive trait that needs to be flaunted. During my stint(s) in the tourism sector, I often came across people, even the doyens of the industry who left no stone unturned in eulogizing the tourism potential of India as if the potential itself is something that if flaunted would fetch both tourists and forex.

In India there is potential everywhere. There is potential in the building of roads, in eradicating poverty, in increasing tourism, in railways etc etc. On the contrary, one would not find much potential in the developed countries, say the United States of America. Lack of deliverance ensures conservation of potential and deliverance its extinction. Obviously, the extinction option is preferable, yet we take pride in tons and tons of conserved potential.

That conserved potential is not the preserve of infrastructure alone also needs appreciation. Most of us human beings who throng the sarkari sector also have vast reserves of untapped potential. The complexities of the tantra ensure that the untapped potential remains well conserved and the sarkar as well as the sarkari mulazims forever remain devoid of the deep sense of satisfaction that comes with the extinction of the vast reserves of untapped potential.

The tantra needs to be unshackled, the earlier the better.

1 comment:

  1. Sir,
    It seems, from your blog, that you yourself are a “bubbling“ volcano wishing to erupt but people around are putting water to stop. I personally feel that being a volcano in Govt. puts you in the volcano itself. Yes, it’s true that we have the potential rather lot n lot of untapped potential but for whom to explore n capitalize on it. Don't you think that we actually are waiting for someone from US or Europa to come to this country to explore, tap n utilize by capitalizing on it.why? because we
    don’t think we can actually do it or even if we do it, it will be another new scam of sorts that the media or opponents within us will create.
    It is also true that what do we do is primitive. The machines we work on belong to the lost generation. The style we follow is feudal. The people we have around are the ones that if kicked out of the system will not stand a job with 1/10th the pay that Govt. pays them. The officers that we have can’t even stand in front of their counterpart outside the Govt. leave apart matching their worth. We ourselves know why is that we do not want our children to study in Govt. school, we do not want to be treated by the Govt. doctor in a Govt. Hospital, we do not want to work for Govt. but still we are so inclined to get a Govt. job. Knowingly, we do not want to accept that we believe in what we do not do.
    This is the intrinsic belief we carry that is the answer to above questions. That we follow what we know will not lead to a logical end. We do things we know are meaningless. We know we are not doing the best but still we take the shield of rule, procedure etc. We act immediately when not required but make excuses we we need to act immediate. However, the reason behind could also be the illogocal big swollen bureaucratic egos. We pray to God but we ourselves want to be treated as God. We say we don’t believe in party politics n we make our own coterie. We say we don’t believe in discrimination n we make our own lobby created n crafted on our castes, regions.
    64 years n what we have achieved is continuously fooling our own brethren. Politicians come n go but the real culprit is the permanent executive, the bureaucrat who is not competent, visionary to lead the permanent officialdom. What the bureaucrats have done to the independent India is the irreparable loss n they have forgotten that they are servants to masses n what for they came n why are they at the place where they are.
    We deadly require the Railways to be corporatized in true manner. The officialdom will only then know how professional organization behaves. It is so difficult to digest why the bureaucracy does not want this commercial organization to go out from the hands of them err Govt. I think the answer is intrinsic with them.

    Thanks n regards