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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The rot within!

Overcrowding in train compartments has also manifested itself in the officer cadres of the bureaucratic machinery of the railways. That we have many more officers than what we actually need has never been in doubt. And this excess of officers has created more problems than what it has solved, the promotional prospects of the officers. Is it therefore not ridiculous that merely to better the promotional prospects of the officers, we have screwed up the entire organization?

The role of the headquarters offices is also suspect. Mere provision of curbs and controls cannot be and should not be the basic purpose of any set-up. Unfortunately with the divisions handling field level operations and the policy level being (mis)handled by the Board, the headquarters offices merely end up handling the functions of a middleman or a post office. With no positive contribution to make, the team of bright (and not so bright) officers is forced to make its presence felt by continuously acting as brakes.

I am also amazed at the rampant misuse of railway staff at the residences of officers and senior supervisors. While on the one hand we regularly crib about shortage of staff in crucial categories, on the other hand we turn a blind eye or even become an active partner in the game of using crucial staff for low level household chores. How can such officers and staff who either misuse railway staff at residences or connive in the same, consider themselves honest is what I am unable to fathom.

One of my officers recently mentioned that railways has emerged as a sycophantic organization to the core. Even the lowliest of the staff appreciates that the best means of rising (if one calls it rise) in the muck is by taking good care of those above. It is unfortunate that the officer cadre goes a step further by believing in this adage and also practicing it to the hilt.

The rot is absolute, total and mammoth. How the hell can it be cleaned up shall always remain one of my worst nightmares.


  1. Absolute Truth...
    another Form of corruption...
    and misuse of national assets which are in form of an employee....

  2. Sir,
    It appears that Railways as a mammoth organization has itself created a situation wherein the hand does not know what for the head has thought n why such non sensical directions are being issued for it to follow. The head n the rest are continuously eating whatever coming in the way n have become so obese that they can't even think of anything beyond eating n sleeping.
    The conditions of bones, muscles, blood has gone awry. Still the System, the train, runs. With so many donkeys around, few horses have taken the lead to take it out of the DalDal. But, unfortunately, head again maneuvers manipulating in the jargon of wards n “leading it” back to square one.
    Bureaucrats have taken over Technocrats are lost. Technocrat Bureaucrat is helpless.
    God has gone on long leave. Wait for Him to comeback.