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Friday, August 26, 2011

Rajtantra Vs Prajatantra

In this era of Anna, it is necessary that the crucial difference between Rajtantra & Prajatantra is clearly understood. Britishers introduced "Rajtantra" primarily because they had to rule over our nation. When the British left in 1947, a new set of our home grown rulers took over and continued with the tantra of the British. Rajtantra was primarily created for the citizens of one nation to rule over another nation. Designed with a ruler and slave mentality in mind, rajtantra was not the ideal tool for governance of a free nation.

So we have an anomaly. We have "Prajatantra" in force but the tool for implementing the same is "Rajtantra". And therefore we as a nation have been a failure. The faulty tool for governance that we have been using is responsible for the rampant corruption that has engulfed every single sector and service of our bureaucratic tantra. It is also responsible for the slow pace of development and growth.

How can a system based on mistrust be expected to provide a corruption free system is what I am unable to fathom. The ongoing "Anna" led churning in our nation will therefore not lead to any concrete result till such time we simplify the decision making and contractual mechanisms within the bureaucratic and political system of our nation.

Till then a corruption free society shall remain a utopia.

1 comment:

  1. Heartiest salute to your will sir.
    today I was present in when few volunteers of railway were performing the Nukkad Natak in our DRM's Office campus.
    I am feeling proud that I have seen the time where I am working under the officer who is really willing to give message to entire system that please stop corruption and serve your country.
    but sir people in our office have really changed they accepted not to involve in corruption directly they have used there skill and their smartness to find the way of indirect involvement some unfortunate are waiting for time to be passed.
    Sir Hats off for your efforts to improve the work culture. sir jo log 64 years is kuchad me hi khush hai unhe bagho ki khushbu durgandh hi lagti hai.
    Even I hope for a corruption free India ye sapna mushkil zaroor hai par namumkin nahi....
    or namumkin ko mumkin karne ke liye Anna jaise Niswarth par ziddi revolutionary hai or Ashwani Lohani jaise optimistic and active technocrats. Yes the Time will change there is always sunrise after dawn. or hum itne badnaseeb bhi nahi ki raat ka ant hi nahi hoga.
    Hopefully I say that we both will really pridefully say yes my country is India where everyone is equal and honest and work for there nation. and that too before we die.