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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Work all seven days!

India should work all seven days. The economic and social condition of India demands that the sarkar should work and deliver all seven days. The rationale for the two day weekend that all sarkari mulazims get is beyond my understanding.

Germany as a nation was totally devastated in the 2nd world war and look where it is now. Indians placed in an identical scenario would still have been waiting for foreign aid to arrive, and in the meanwhile would also have been idling around for want of money and men who can toil.

Nations are not built by words, promises or files alone. They are built by the toil of its citizens, by the commitment, hard work and integrity of its bureaucrats and by the leadership provided by the political class. Unfortunately India does not possess the required traits in all the three categories.

Here surprisingly, everyone wants the nation to improve, but at the same time he wants others to do it. Almost everyone has ideas about how the other guy should be doing his job.

China also became independent at around the same time as India. It is now a superpower and India is still developing, forever developing sounds better. China has been built by the combined toil of all its citizens, bureaucracy and the political leadership. Yes, the discipline imposed by the communist regime definitely helped, but who prevents us from becoming a disciplined society?

Given the totally inefficient way the sarkari sector works in India, it would be premature to say that working all seven days would radically improve matters. But it would definitely give a message that the sarkar means business and that the nation cannot afford the idling of the sarkari machine at all.

Once India enters the developed league, its babu's can have as long a weekend as they desire.

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