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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Building Nations!

By peeping under the carpet; appreciating the accumulated muck of almost six decades of mal-governance and then striving to clean it up.

Easier said than done, and that precisely is the reason why no one follows the above advice. Least of all the bureaucrats and politicos of our country.

The muck under the carpet is massive, yet invisible to almost all of us, the nincompoop bureaucrats of India.

Rampant corruption, corruption that pervades almost the entire sarkari sector of the country is the first glimpse beneath the carpet.

Characterless, spineless and idle sarkari mulazims is the next realization.

A system that thrives on sycophancy is the next view and a system designed for non deliverance is not the last.

The view under the carpet is not at all pleasent. It is the true view of our beloved country.

Why not do something about it for that is the true calling of all those who have joined the sarkari system for serving the sarkar, not behaving as the last mughals of the country.

Let us for once start on the path of nation building, by sacrificing the self. Let us for once stop bothering about our postings, promotions, foreign trips and post retirement sinecures. Let us for once justify our fat salaries by indulging in the sheer act of deliverance, improving systems of delivery and focussing on developing the musch needed national infrastructure.

Can we, the sarkari mulazims of an immature democracy do it, or it is asking for the moon.

Do I have the right to lose hope? I think not!

1 comment:

  1. Its nice to see that u still have hope.
    Gimme some sunshine, I am also desperate for some hope or faith or belief to something called Nation building. But after working over the years as Sarkari mulazims, entangled in feudalistic bureaucracy and politicos, the thin thread of hope is broken everyday and sometimes I feel that it bothers so much That u may become lunatic.
    R those blessed who enjoy everyday life,not able to appreciate the chaos around them?