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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why react on everything

I fail to appreciate why most of us react on whatever happens around them and wonder whether it is necessary to do so. Perhaps life becomes easy if one does so because then one does not have to think. The environment does the thinking for him and he just becomes a tool in the hands of the environment.

Missing "proactiveness" is the cause of worry. A missing conviction amongst most of us that even chaos has a beautiful way of settling down if left untouched is also a cause of worry. But it is easier said than done. Our inherent trait to poke our nose into every affair and to pass value judgements on everything under the sun, primarily to look intelligent in the eyes of others is a cause of worry.

When shall we Indians, especially the species of the sarkari variety start appreciating that their job is not only to react on all occasions but also to be proactive and have a personal developmental and growth agenda. Organizations decay in the absence of proactivity.


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  2. Sir, this is real truth you have written. I take enthusiam after reading it.

  3. I am glad to see your blog. We need people like you in our Govt. I know you since your efforts to bring online hotel bookings in MP.

    On the other note, we are a software company from bhopal having 3 offices in 3 countries and soon one of our product will be a part of Google Apps. We are doing great and many of our clients visit us every year. But each time we have faced lot of security issues. Recently we had issues in Bhojpur. There is no security or security is just not capable enough. Our clients were afraid to go alone in MP and I think this is the other area where tourism should act. There are many companies like us which is bringing foreign clients but just due to safety they miss Central beauty of India. Our clients were so scared that they asked us to shift our base.

    I was happy to see you online that I could not resist sending my thoughts. I would appreciate if you could do something in this regard.