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Friday, April 9, 2010

Dreaming of Utopia

For govt officers, especially those who can be classified as bureaucrats, I often wonder, is it necessary to be rough, unconcerned with humanity, selfish and to treat those under him with total disdain and to suck up to those whom he reports to?

Yes most of us behave in the fashion we should not be behaving in. And the tragedy is that all those who behave in this fashion think that they are right and that this is the only way organizations should be run or handled, except that when it comes to them, they expect their superiors to behave in a different fashion.

Do we really believe from the core of our hearts that human beings perform only when they are mistrusted and shouted at? Is deliverance therefore a function of our vocal chords and not of managerial skills and leadership qualities?

I find it rather strange that a "human being" centric organization like the railways has mistrust of everyone as its USP. Yes there are exceptions, but exceptions do not make the rule. Personally my belief is that the best of humans can only be achieved by total trust and absolute respect. After all, all religions teach us about the oneness of human beings and God, and therefore why there should not be total trust and absolute respect for each other and as a corollary why people shall not put in their best effort in whatever they do.

Call a man a dog, and he behaves like one. Call a man a thief and he behaves like one.

These sub human qualities are what differentiate a developing economy like ours with a developed economy like that of the western world. And these are qualities, traits to be more exact that would forever keep us in the developing league.

I wish things could be changed. I long for an ideal world, a world where everyone is given, by the system the basic dignity and respect that every one of us deserves and has a right to.

Sound like Utopia, is'nt it. And this utopia is to be made a reality by all of us, no lord is going to descend from the heavens to do it for us.


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  2. I totally agree with your views. Let me share my thoughts on the issue raised by you concerning Nepotism,Recklessness,self Glorification & dictatorial tendencies of few handful of people in Government Sector organisations.
    Now a days it is seen that Individual personalities & ambitions over shadow the organisation existence.It can be termed as organisational dictatorship, wherein few individuals or bunch of induviduals mould Rules & Regulation, play with the careers of their subordinate for their own selfish interests,missing the bigger picture.
    The Bug should stop at some point, at least at the helm of the organisation...but the BUG becomes deadly when it starts from the Helm and goes down.
    This is a pity situation but an untoward fact in today's fragile environment in Government Companies.

    I am working in a Tourism Sector PSU which you headed few years back.I follow your blog regularly but after reading your recent blog i felt the need to second it with my thoughts