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Friday, January 22, 2010

Why this universal unhappiness?

The universal unhappiness in India worries me. Almost everyone one comes across in this nation of well over a billion people is unhappy with the system, with the people around him and with his own state of affairs. Is it not symptomatic of a deep rooted malaise?
Rajesh Agarwal today defined organization as the co-ordinated working of organs. How true he is. But it leads me to ponder whether we have any organization in the nation except those in the corporate sector and a few in the public? Unorganized organization is a dichotomy that convinces me of the absence of organized systems in sectors that really matter and and are responsible for propelling the nation forward.
There is definitely something wrong with organizations that reduces brilliant individuals to nincompoops in just a few years. Brilliant individuals who excelled in academics perpetuate the established tradition and culture of honoring time-established (for failures) systems and procedures even though these very systems and procedures are at the root of unhapiness of those very individuals.
Mistaking a symptom for disease has become highly common with the results that almost all bodies (I will not call them organizations) remain perpetually sick. And this sickness is not confined to only the financial aspects, it is primarily related to the human ,index of that body leading to universal unhappiness or discontentment.
Is the situation redeemable?. I am convinced that it is. Belief in the tremendous potential and also the inherent goodness of mankind convinces me that the situation in the country is not yet beyond redemption. The challenge however lies in making the people aware of their untapped reservoir of strength and humanity.

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