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Thursday, May 2, 2019

A simple complicated world

A simple complicated world

A world where we fail to realize that love is only about giving.

A world where it is indeed rare to witness a scenario in which one is not constrained by the prevailing environment, constrained in rising to his full potential.

How wrong we are in generally assuming that people need to be controlled, how wrong we are in considering almost everyone as inadequate unless proven otherwise. Is it not downright foolish to almost always don the head masters role?

We do not trust others, yet expect others to trust us. It is a vicious circle that keeps all of us entangled in a web of mutual mudslinging and blame throwing.

That even the most complex of issues in the most complicated of organizations have utterly simple solutions is something that we invariably lose sight of while we tend to veer towards finding complicated solutions to even the simplest of problems.

Our definitions of honesty are often warped for while we regard financial honesty as honesty, professional dishonesty ie not being true to our job, the organization and the nation is normally never regarded as being dishonest.

Remaining busy while in a government job is unfortunately considered synonymous with delivery, even appreciated by the unconcerned members of the society

The qualities of the heart are far superior to those of the head, yet is it not strange how often we believe otherwise?  

We live in a simple world made complicated by us.

1 comment:

  1. Sir, you are right that when brain try to rule the heart without listening to the heart it is always problems. It is the heart that build Compassion, Loving-Kindness, Equanimity and Altruistic Joy. In the professional world one of the most important ingredients that spell success for all is altruistic joy. Here people become happy when colleagues do better for self and for organisation. That happiness can infect others who will also yearn to do good and the result is corporate success.
    I read just now in India today that daily Air India lose Rupees 6 Crore. That would mean about Dollars 25 per month. With very high temperature in North India tourists will not come, while for the outbound Indian travellers, Gulf and Far East airlines will compete with Air India. So the solution as I see is building 6th and 7th freedom traffic and that can easily be done by Revenue Management using forecasting & optimisation well in advance. Still it is not too late, and if Air India can over all get to about 88%, 89% seat factors on domestic flights or even higher (now that 9W is not there) and at least 80% on international flights, Air India will make much more tha Dollars 25 per month more than now.