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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The nation rocks!

The nation is indeed rocking. It appears to be on a perpetually moving swing with a gentle nudge being regularly provided by scams and unholy happenings, the latest being the purported revelations of D G Vanzara. Without going into the merits of the case, I have reasons to believe that the statements are merely political in nature blurted out for petty political ends. 

Being from the services, Vanzara is a bureaucrat and bureaucrats are known for not taking responsibility for their actions. So these revelations do not surprise at all. I am reminded of the post world war scenario when all those accused of heinous crimes took shelter under the silly plea of merely following orders. Yet their orders were written in nature and what our friend here is taking shelter under are verbal orders or so he claims. If at all the orders he is talking about went against his conscience, he should have sought written orders and there the matter would have rested. But that was not to be and Vanzara acted as all bureaucrats do. Act yet do not take responsibility and then pass the blame elsewhere.

I have always maintained that it is the bureaucrat and all those who are mere servants of the government responsible for the ills of the nation, not the politician who unfortunately always takes the flak. While the intent almost always and rightly so is of the politician class, the machinery that converts the intent into action is manned by the bureaucracy. It is the bureaucrat who buckles almost always at the slightest opportunity, yet blames his political masters behind their backs. The rapid rise of corrupt practices is also fuelled by the bureaucrat who nowadays has as much as much stake in Zurich as the corrupt politician.

Perhaps the social fabric from where the bureaucrat as well as politicians emerge is rotten. And therefore we shall continue to witness the rocking swing.

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