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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The legacy of love!

Leo my son died yesterday. His death was not meant to be, yet he passed away due to a weak heart that could not take the shock of a minor operation. Well that is how life is, it hits you at your weakest spot especially when one is most vulnerable. A pure Labrador born on the summer solstice, the 21st of June, 2006 to be precise, he was not yet seven when the tragedy, the severest me and my family has faced, struck us when we least expected it.

With me born on the 22nd of December, the shortest day in the year and Leo on the 21st of June, the longest, we shared an exceptional bond, a bonding that was visible and evident to all. That however made the pain unbearable, a pain that shall take ages to subside. Suddenly life felt meaningless a feeling that I never had when even the closest of my relations left for their heavenly abode.

Perhaps it was the lesson of love that Leo gave me and my family that shall ultimately be his legacy. A pure heart and a pure soul quite unlike the humans that we come across everyday  his love was as pure as love is meant to be, yet rarely professed or experienced. He loved all those who come in contact with him irrespective of rank or position in the society and that put him on a much higher pedestal than most of us human beings.

If only the clock could be turned back, like in the time machine, the situation may be different. We  would  have allowed Leo to live with the minor ailments that he had. Yet it is not to be, hindsight  is perhaps the most exact  science ever devised.

31st of May shall always be a watershed date in my life and also the lives of Arunima, Ankur and Arushi, a turning point perhaps for  the better, even if sadder than death itself and 21st of June a day that gave hope and a new meaning to life to all of us.

May his soul rest in peace and god give us the strength.


  1. AATma Ajar aur Amar hai...

  2. I always wondered why do we remember people/animals so fondly after s/he's gone. If we really want our beloveds' soul to rest in peace, we should atleast shower on them all the love we have for them rather then leaving them wondering whether we love them or not.