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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Great Past, Uncertain Future

How deeper is the abyss still I wonder with each passing day. Yet it is indeed gratifying that the highest court of the land also thinks the same way. Its recent observations castigating the society itself on the repeated cases of rape of young girls followed by its remarks on the working and servility of the central investigating agency towards men in power reveals all that is rotten about this great nation. Rape it is, of young girls and the nation itself by perverted minds both at the base and highest levels in the land.

Yes we all live from news to news. First the news appears shocking enough, shockingly though its effect quickly wears of as some other glaring piece of news takes over through the breaking news route. Sad it is however to witness weak attempts of the government to either expose or in many cases as recently witnessed to cover or provide a justification, as the situation so warrants. Yet the conduct of the establishment and the powers that be makes the populace hang its head in shame. Is it not sad that rarely the establishment, irrespective of its shade of polity offers the nation something that its populace can indeed be proud of?

The seriousness of the recent excursion by the dragon, almost twenty miles deep within our territory and the casual approach of the establishment is shocking to say the least. Would we as an individual ever permit our neighbor, howsoever close a friend or rival he may be to park his chair permanently in our varendah. On a similar analogy, why such a casual attitude over an established enemy nation forcefully occupying a piece of land that is ours? Perhaps we as a nation are afraid of the might of the dragon that honed its biceps while we whiled away our time in petty affairs. Yet despite the might of the bully, it does not behove us, nor we have a right  as a nation to surrender our land without a murmur. I am itching to see how matters proceed.

The acquittal of one of the prime accused in the sikh riots of 1984 by the courts today also came as a surprise to many of us who root for justice regardless of the social status of the accused. Yet the very fact that it took almost three decades for the case to be finalized, even if to a conclusion not acceptable to many, sends shivers down my spine for it gives an inkling of the time one would have to wait for justice in this nation, even if one’s near and dear ones are murdered in broad daylight.

The awesome amount of money spent on the protection of those who attacked the state and its institutions is also beyond comprehension. Democracy and secularism does not imply protectionism for traitors and terrorists, perhaps pseudo democracy does.

And there are a plethora of minor incidences that keep on shaking us as we live on and survive in this great nation. A nation with a great past facing an uncertain future ever since it’s tryst with destiny.

The need is for reforms, large scale rapid reforms, but is it possible in the absence of a sense of purpose, commitment and professional integrity in the entire tantra?   

1 comment:

  1. An educated individual can think of the affairs around. But we are a nation of poor people. We don't know we are living to survive or we are surviving to live. We are concerned and concentrated to arrange for the daily bread. Out top brass also want to limit our sky within the under repair roofs.

    Prolonged than delayed and than unjustified judicial system encourage the law breakers. The powerful has all the fundamental and social rights and the common man has just a fearful air to breath.

    Be it rape or the incursion or the corruption or agitation- all leads the nation to a pit and our think tanks are not concerned. All are focusing on the 2014 elections. How to capture the power. Let the nation be in ICU of a neglected hospital.

    Yes, my soul also shivers when I read news. Today our national dailies, TV channels, market consumables, electronics, even from tooth brush to daily milk products, our festival pottery to god all is internationally made. we are not making any of these. How will our domestic products grow and how will our nation grow.

    Let this land of gods survive.