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Friday, April 5, 2013

What is life without a beacon!

The rulers must indeed be shell shocked. Absolutely unfair on the part of the highest court of this land to come down so heavily on all those for whom the beacon is an essential part of their identity. Unfair for the guy who as a youngster cleared the civil services enthused by the while ambassador with a beacon atop that he would one day envelop himself with. Yes for a nation the mandarins of which adorn themselves with symbols not with successes or commitment, the recent castigation by the supreme judicial body of the land would have come as a bolt from the blue.

That the primary purpose of power is not the welfare of the masses, but self aggrandizement is an Indian reality that is realized fairly early by all those who are poised to rise in the cesspool of national governance. A beacon atop a white ambassador is therefore regarded as the most powerful symbol of a bloke who has indeed arrived.  It conveys to the aam aadmi the movement of someone powerful from the ruling clan. Clan it is despite democracy, a reality that is sad indeed! The unfair utilization of men in khaki ostensibly for guarding the bloke, but actually for giving him an aura that he does not deserve yet flaunts also deserves castigation and abolition on lines of the recent beacon episode.

The social milieu lays stress on symbols, not deliverance and therefore worships men who flaunt power and status, not those who place values and nation above self. The rapid decline in moral values cutting across the social fabric and our collective failure to attain a respectable place in the comity of nations are starkly visible traits of this national malaise.

I find it sad as well as strange that this land of the Mahatma is rapidly proceeding at variance with all that the great man laid stress on. His simplicity and truthfulness stands out in sharp contrast with the traits of the men in power today. If a man’s life is indeed his message, I shudder to think of the message that the national governance machinery is collectively emanating and the impact that it is having on the future generations.

We shall reap what we sow.


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