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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Complex trivialities!

Handling simple issues the complex way has perhaps become the bane of the nation.

I simply fail to understand why things cant’ be accepted at their face value. I am also unable to appreciate the national penchant to look for complicated solutions for every single issue, in official as well as personal arenas. One of my biggest realization has been that even technical issues, a large majority of them have simple solutions far removed from technicalities.

The problem is more acute in the official arena, perhaps because for most of us sarkari blokes, nothing really matters except those that have a direct bearing on our personal comforts and career advancement. To hell with delivery, yet the need to appear intelligent leads to the ongoing search for complicated solutions to simple issues. After all how can a sarkari babu defend his salary when he has no intention of delivering, is not delivering and also does not appear to be doing so.

Accepting situations, the people around it and also what the people say, at their face value is perhaps the best way to lead our lives. Yet the sheer mistrust that pervades the sarkari environment like mist prompts people in accepting situations and people with considerable distortions. Yet those who place their bets on a face value acceptance invariably end up as winners not in the traditional but in the true sense.

Gandhi has been the biggest mystery of the twentieth century. How can a mere human be so divine, yet so powerful so as to take on singlehandedly the mightiest empire of his times, the nation has always wondered? Perhaps his strength lied in his simplicity and also the purity of his soul. His mind devoid of any devious thought process always came out with simple ingenious solutions that worked and ultimately led to freedom for the nation. His belief in the goodness of men regardless of caste, creed or nationality and his total penchant for truth gave him a larger than life persona that the entire nation followed and worshipped.

Yet the land of the Mahatma despite partaking of his accomplishments has indeed failed in imbibing the basic tenets of his life. Therein lies the biggest tragedy of Bharatvarsh.

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