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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Armchair Enthusiasts

Armchair enthusiasm is easily the most popular pastime of the citizens of this nation. Passing comments or issuing advisories on all and sundry is what we have become adept at, unfortunately at the expense of our core responsibility.

Ask a man on the street what is wrong with the nation and he shall have answers. He is also almost always available to dispense free advise on all matters under the sun except that in all likelihood he would be messing up the job assigned to him almost regularly and with ease.

The railways is no different. The upper crust that has by now ensured a fair amount of distance between itself and the ground realities keeps itself occupied in fault finding, dispensing free advice and passing value judgement on almost everything that is not directly within their domain. What they have also ensured by now is that matters relating to providing vision and direction to the organization that they purportedly head remain permanently relegated to the back seat.

The heritage sector also has more than its fair share of armchair enthusiasts. With not a shred of contribution that can generally be assigned to them, they continue to pass value judgement and deride efforts at improvements and modernization in the garb of preservation of heritage.

It is indeed sad that this tribe is growing at a rapid pace for it has realized that armchair enthusiasm is perhaps the finest way to remain in the public eye and be noticed as a voice of concern. It is however another matter that in their own little way, they impede delivery in a nation that has been thirsting for it since inception.


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