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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Traditions!

Despite a plethora of ills, the Indian Railways still retains some very good traditions. Whether the traditions have remained because the railways finds them relevant or whether because of the sheer resistance to change being inherent to the system is not very clear, yet the continuance of a few good traditions is indeed a matter of tremendous satisfaction.

The annual railway week awards functions at the apex, zonal and divisional levels that are held unfailingly across the entire railway network are an example of a good tradition being carried through. These events generate a feeling of solidarity within the railway fraternity, besides acting as a strong incentive for railway men to achieve excellence in their sphere of activities. The award of department wise shields of excellence also leads to a healthy spirit of competition amongst the various zonal railways.

The sheer number of awards and the selection process at times is however a matter of concern. Many awards are apparently given on considerations other than sheer merit, perhaps based on proximity to powers that really matter. And this to a limited extent dilutes the sanctity of these awards. Despite this kink, the entire exercise remains a rarity, a fine example of a wonderful tradition being carried forward in the spirit with which it was initiated.

If only the spirit of concern for the human resource that such functions bring out is imbibed and practiced, also on the remaining three hundred and sixty four days of the year, the glory and the greatness of the railways would indeed be restored.

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