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Monday, January 23, 2012

Building Nations?

Nation building needs to be learnt from the germans and japs. Countries that were totally devastated towards the end of the second world war, had in a matter of a few decades emerged as economic powerhouses. The transformation that took place rapidly was fuelled by the personal involvement, hard work and contribution of the populace.

Looking at our systems of governance and the general character of the population, one shudders to think what would have happened had our nation met the same fate during the war. I am certain that we, the citizens of this nation would still be praying to god for divine help, cursing our misfortune and imploring the government to seek financial assistance from international funding agencies. Most of the mulazims of the sarkari tantra would in fact be rejoicing over the windfall that befalls them whenever such events take place.

Nation Building is a misnomer in so far as we are concerned. National Loot would perhaps be more appropriate. The fence eating the crop is the ground reality.

The rapid march to Tihar of people who used to be held in high esteem till recently is a pointer to the gross loot of national resources by its custodians. This coupled with professional corruption of the worst kind practised by the bureaucrats is definitely not a step in the direction of nation building.

Or is it is nation destruction that we are talking about? I am confused!

1 comment:

  1. Sir,
    The issue you refer to are fact however, what needs to be appreciated is the understanding of the issue from a historical perspective. India, as a country, is a gift by the British to us. Sometime I too think so, as you say, when I recollect the wise words of Churchill when during the debate on independence of India was being taken up in the Parliament in London. He rightly said that we have not reached a stage to appreciate the concept of Nation and ability to manage our ownselves is suspect. Factually, if you observe, history is being revived n it seems true when we assess our actions from it the fact remains the same that we have infact failed as a nation, we have infact failed to be responsible to behave as responsible citizen. As a matter of fact, if you forgive for my words, we have left no stone unturned to fail the the Constitution.

    To me the reason seems to be our divisions that we, as a society, are inherently, are so finely n deep-rootedly classified, actually divided, that when we don't consider fellow contrymen to be one amonst us how can we appreciate the value attached with the country.

    Germans as well as Japanese apart from the mighty south east nations of Singapore, Malaysia have all behaved well which behoved them. But, in our country, Nation comes last when the priorities are set. Here, everyone is in race to get ahead of the other fellow countrymen in amassing wealth, power and what not. The sorry issue is the way followed to amass.

    To give solace, I feel we may think that the country is in infancy n going through transformation. Further, there is hope kindled in the thought that we will indeed become more secular, democratic, respect the difference and do everything needed to remove all kinds of gaps amongnst us to be one. Nation building exercise is acheivable only when units i.e, us, are joined together to make one.

    Thanks n regards