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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Misplaced loyalties

It is not only the scams in general and professional corruption at large that is irritating to the citizen, it is the petty corruption of the pettiest kind indulged into by the well-off category of bureaucrats that is difficult to really appreciate. Why should joint secretary level officers expect free rations, toiletries, gas supplies and even a free truck ride for their belongings whenever they shift on transfer. And these are not stray cases but almost a regular phenomenon.

Such incidences that I learn about almost on a regular basis lead me to three basic thoughts. The first is that greed of a person is not directly proportional to his poverty. In fact the opposite is more likely to be true and a person way below on the economic front is generally less greedy that the well-off kind. The second is that sarkari officers in general are loath to spend money on things that in their opinion they can fleece from the system. And the third and the most pertinent is the loyalty angle. Sarkari mulazims who permit or even turn a blind eye to such loot, are proving to be more loyal to individuals, not to the organization that pays them salary for their daily bread. And this brings us to the fundamental question - to whom a Sarkari mulazim is supposed to be loyal to? To a superior in the hierarchy who can favor the mulazim for petty personal gains, or to the organization and the nation. Despite what the majority feels or does, it has to be the organization and the nation. This is a call that all bureaucrats have to take, though I am convinced that hardly anyone shall. After all, loyalty to the organization and systemic loot cannot co-exist.


  1. I am working in a sarkari system. I have often seen even honest officers not able to refuse petty favours for those being higher in hierachy mostly due to two reasons.
    1. for the fear of being transferred.
    2. in want of good ACR .
    Cant we make our system less dependent on these few factors where rotational transfers are must without any exception or some other parameters for appraisal.

  2. loyalty to the system , organisation and nation shouldn't become suspect straight away.
    at such times the need is to stand united under a strong leader like you.What they need is some sort of protection,which the system is not willing to provide.
    we need to form a strong shield to protect people who are more than willing to stay honest but unfortunately they are the ones who will be thrown out first.
    we can reform the system only if we can remain within the system. And when senior people are willing to throw you out ,the protective shield becomes all the more important.To win the war one may have to lose certain battles .If the intelligent and honest people will not stay in the government,ultimately we will be governed by fools and corrupt only.
    the need is to stay united and form a protective firewall which can’t be pierced through by such petty thieves who are fleecing the system with impunity.
    our ultimate aim to win this war against corruption can be achieved by uniting the honest and not to leave them to fend for themselves
    Dr.Satish K Gadi

  3. Sanjay Pandhi.

    survival of the fittest in new order of human race have new dimensions to explore upon.

    The entire human race could survive on four centres of power namely - Power of labour (Karam- Shakti), power of Money (Dhan-Shakti), Power of Rule (Sataa-Shakti), and Power of Knowledge (Gyan - Shakti ) this depicted in the four vernas-Shudra-Vaish-Kshtriya-Pandit.

    Till times immemorial - These four power centres could make human life race and excel to modern era.

    in 20th century alone the power to rule was given a new shape called - democracy. and a new power balance was tried after two world
    wars. This was made possible by a huge number of leaders in political,Social and knowledge Reformers Like Gandhi, Mandela, Tolstoy, Lenin, Eienstien and many others-- all these leaders had one thing in common ---- they represented the masses and drew power from the common man.

    in 21st century -- mass leaders from all arena of life have just disppaered. No National and International Mass leaders in Political, Social, Technology, Religion, and other spheres of life. what exists today is a complex nexus of Three centres of Power. infact Power of Money / Power of Rule / Power of Knowledge have joined hands to own and enjoy the major part of produce and services from the resources of mother earth.

    The Corruption is wide spread because greed and need to gain maximum control on resources and produce have given human generations go new concept to life. Go and Grab at all cost. The Principals of Natural Co-existance and moral world are shrinking and loosing ground in a not so competetive but greedy world in an ever increasing population and fast decreasing natural resources.

    Fight of the fittest again have gained ground from Ape age to modern times.

    only the fittest shall survive until humanity gets a world order of balance of all powers. Till then humanity (coomon man ) shall have to confront all odds including Corruption.
    India is no exception, western countires do have corruption and other major issues. in some places corruption in public life may be absent but it crepts some where elso.

    We have to ensure that we are not invidually corrupt, till some world leaders grow up again.