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Monday, October 25, 2010

Anonymously secure!

In anonymity lies security and therefore we have anonymous complaints and anonymous expressions of opinions in various offices and forums. Such complaints and expressions of opinions by people who do not even have the courage to stand-by their own view point says much about the prevalent rot in the society. Cowards who want others to set the nation right, while they want to retain their anonymity and thereby enjoy a false sense of security. Cowards who do not even want to risk taking the responsibility for their own expressions! How shall they ever take responsibility for their own actions is a point to be pondered upon! Even in my own office where I am surrounded by people who are secure and comfortable in their guaranteed sarkari jobs, the presence of such cowards can not be entirely ruled out.

Can a society of cowards take the nation forward? I am afraid not, cowards can only multiply their own race by generally voicing their fear of the unknown at various forums, and that too with amazing regularity.

1 comment:

  1. give me some Hope saidNovember 19, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    I am always at war within myself about raising voices against unjustice or suppression or corruption. Sometimes or other many of us raise our voices But more often, not but a mute spectator.
    I always ask myself over many sleepless nights,Am I a coward ?
    Once one of my friend said'
    Do you expect every commoner like us to be great like Gandhi or Martin Luther King ?
    Does everyone need to sacrifice his career, his family and life for speaking truth ?
    Does everyone's sacrifice brings revolution or goes wasted like Sateyndra Dubey ?

    The cost of confrontation and speaking truth is too high and in a country with short memory for bad news and high on festivities and emotions, one's sacrifice mostly, if not always goes wasted.
    Does that make everyone Coward ?
    Country needs system to prosper, where commoners do not need to sacrifice their life for speaking truth.