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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Whose recognition are we seeking anyway?

It is rather unfortunate that almost all of us seek recognition for the work that we are required to do in the normal course as employees of an organization or as members of the society. This malaise unfortunately has infected the topmost echelons of the society, the politicos, who have their names engraved on stone plates, placed almost everywhere, with perhaps the exception of taps, washbasins and commodes.

It is equally unfortunate that almost none of us seeks self recognition or does his job in the name of God. I find it rather demeaning to do anything and then seek recognition from mere mortals, whose claim to fame is not that they have achieved anything great in this life, but that they have been able to, by hook or by crook, occupy a temporary slot(all jobs are temporary slots) on planet earth.

Why is it so? Why have all of us stopped valuing whatever we are doing until some other mere mortal does so. Why we have lost all faith in the almighty and have started regarding people sitting on high chairs as Gods. The worship that I am witness to, by the bureaucrats, of blokes sitting in high slots can at best be called shameful. And the same bloke who while occupying the high slot treated others with disdain is shown the dust by the very people who earlier worshipped him, with personal motives of-course.

Perhaps things may be better elsewhere, but the Indian bureaucratic system of which I am also a cog, is the perfect setting for the above scenario.

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