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Monday, May 18, 2009

The spoken word

All of us have studied about the indestructible nature of matter as well as energy. Sound is a form of energy and therefore does not render itself to extinction. At best it can only get dissipated. The spoken word is therefore bound to exist forever, though at a very rapidly depleting energy level. But each packet of such energy has to survive forever. It may therefore be possible at some stage in the future to cull out all spoken words of the past, words that are floating in the sky in the form of rapidly depleting packets of energy and actually hear them. Theoretically it may be possible at some stage in the future to actually listen to the “Gita” being recited by lord Krishna. It is just a matter of the right technology for the same to be put in place. But God cannot be bound by the realms of technology and therefore if he exists, all spoken words of the past are accessible to him and that perhaps is going to be the sole criterion on which we are going to be judged by him. The perpetual affect of the spoken therefore needs better appreciation.

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